Please excuse the sound quality ....but the noise is Cicada Beetles and Birds, can't stop nature :) 

Sabelo lives alongside the iMfolozi Wilderness area and an anti-coal mining activist, an ecotourism graduate, and passionate about his community and sustainable development.

Sabelo has worked with various NGOs that advocate for environmental justice and rural economic development. Sabelo also belongs to the Mfolozi Community Environment Justice Organisation (MCEJO) which has over 4000 members working to protect his community from the negative impacts of mining.

Mush of Sabelo’s work revolves around assisting researchers and journalists with their research and fieldwork. Sabelo is passionate about making sure that the voice of the voiceless communities living around the mines in Zululand are being heard and their concerns are being taken care of. This is at the heart of his business, Mpembe Zulu ExperiencesIf you would like more information on Sabelo's work and project, please drop us a line.