Most businesses have a website, very few businesses have a website that actually works for them (other than being a glorified business card) if your business has a website but doesn't get traffic/clients from your website, then read on for some simple ideas to change that

So here are 5 ways to get your business website noticed with ease

  1. Online Business directories. Just Google this phrase and you will find thousands of online directories and classified type websites. Often, because these sites have so much content, they rank quite well on Google. Get yourself listed on some of the free business listing sites. Brabys or Hotfrog are a couple of good examples. Check out local directories too, there are scores of local community websites that will list your business and website for free. Once you are on there, your website gets traffic from referrals (and you get an extra backlink, which is very handy too) 
  2. Google your own business description, (for example, plumber, Durban or Taxi Cape Town) see what websites come up on the front page, I can assure you there will be at least one website that can work as a listing/directory for you to join in your niche, if not for free, then a nominal fee or commission agreement. 
  3. Consider using Google Adwords, for a very small budget, you can pay Google to put you at the top of the search results, this is very effective at beating the SEO system for smaller players. The adverts can easily be set up yourself by just going through the steps.
  4. Google Maps, it's free and by listing your business on Google Maps, whenever anyone searches for your business or services in your area, you pop out on the top of the Google Search Page. Google generally shows "places" before the actual search results and an easy way to get your business on the front page, without much effort at all. It's simple to add your business to Google maps just go to Google Places and follow the prompts
  5. Change your domain name, it can be a bit of a mission and needs expert advice before doing so to ensure everything gets redirected properly etc... but can also be a very very effective tool for a niche business. For example, if your business is called "Fred's Plumbers" and you are based in Benoni ....and your domain name is for example ""'re likely to get a lot more traffic than "" - a simple SEO strategy that takes very little time, extremely effective and can be done for under R200. 

Although nothing beats decent SEO and great content, we understand that not every business has the time, inclination or skills for that. We hope that these small little actions can help your website "get out there" and keep business flowing in.