Tidal Tao

Meet Michy Morris 

Michy has a long love and passion for the ocean. Growing up as a surfer and competitive body boarder, Michy has always spent a lot of time in the ocean. Protecting our coastline and getting people interested in marine life drove Michy to start Tidal Tao, a snorkelling safari business that operates out of Salt Rock on the KZN North Coast.
Tidal Tao is all about getting people excited about the ocean and exposing them to an amazing array of marine life in a safe, easily accessible environment. Tidal Tao offers beginner snorkelling trips, marine biology excursions and many other educational coastal adventures.
Michy reinvests 20% of her profits into conservation and educational programs for underprivileged schools as well as creating a range of educational resources such as marine ID guides and kids information booklets for distribution to tourists in the holiday season in the hope of encouraging them to explore the oceans with wonder and awe.
You can find more information on Tidal Tao at www.tidaltao.com

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