We’ve seen a lot of poultry farming ideas come through the Unearthed Program. But Nomvula, hands down, has the most advanced business concept. Her chicken farm also provides cooked chickens, fertiliser for local farmers and makes pillow stuffing from chicken feathers. Nothing goes to waste. Her business is a going concern but has a lot of room for growth. 

Nomvula's Needs, can you help?

Nomvula has her drivers’ licence and is ready to work! She has a strong going concern and scalable business, but she requires some further mentorship around scaling her business plan and proposal to generate funding or sponsorship for a Bakkie (Van) in order to transport and sell her chickens at events for the aged, which has in the past proven to be a very useful income stream. 

Nomvula is also looking for partners who can distribute her organic chickens to various lodges, retail outlets and other opportunities. If you'd like to work with Nomvula in any way, please drop us a line!