Peaceful heart family therapy is the brainchild of Nombuso Shezi. peaceful Hearths aims to help people live in a society where they are able to tolerate one another, have a sense of belonging to the family and society, to function well psychologically, emotionally and socially. Peaceful hearts aims to make space for South Africans and overseas individuals by providing services that are culturally sensitive and appropriate. Nombuso leans on nature as a tool for facilitating her work and offers a fascinating cultural alternative to other therapists. 

Nombuso's needs, can you help?

Nombuso requires mentorship and assistance with her business growth, she also needs the tools and props required by a social worker working with children who have experienced trauma. These include sand trays and art tools for therapy, games, books, puppets, media, mats or bean bag bags to sit while doing therapy, punching bag and gloves and lastly, two hiking bags, to be used for outdoor life coaching sessions. As professionals registered under HPCSA are not allowed to advertise, Nombuso would like to use her business plan to secure funding for these resources through a network of professionals in a similar or related field.

Nombuso is also exploring expanding her practice to include online consults and requires communications equipment in the form of a laptop, router and booster for the network in her area and the areas in which she will be operating. 

If you'd like to work with Nombuso and support her business in any way, please drop us a line! 

Meet Nombuso