Passionate about fashion and community upliftment, Zank Creations has already fledged and she’s looking to grow by partnering with a retail brand to secure the resources she needs to continue turning ordinary clothing into traditionally infused masterpieces.

We are working with Zandile to explore options for infusing traditional beadwork and art with western fashion to create a broader market beyond the normal “crafter” offering. Zandile has already connected with some useful potential mentors and will pursue an online strategy for her sales.  

Get Involved and Assist Zandile 

Zandile's Needs, can you assist?

Zandile requires a professional photographer to shoot her existing range and provide lifestyle shots of the story behind her brand. She would like to use these to beef up the proposal to a supplier that will allow her and her team to produce a new range by supplying Zank Creations with resources.

Zandile needs sewing equipment and machines and a social media presence. Zandile would benefit by networking with lodges in the reserve who could promote her brand and products.

If you're able to assist with mentorship or potentially help Zandule take her creations to market, please give us a shout