An amazing opportunity and initiative. Mbopha Arts was founded by Scelo Hlabisa who's vision is to take Zulu art to the world. From shoes made from recycled tyres to jewellery, handbags and much more all made from recycled plastic trash. The art is amazing, each piece handcrafted and unique. 

Meet Scelo

Scelo is a forward-thinking environmentalist who feels so passionately about the importance of the circular economy, that he spends time at local schools educating the pupils about pollution, litter and repurposing materials. Also a creative, Scelo noticed old Quantum tyres, littered around his neighbourhood and rather than letting it get him down, he found a way to use them. Scelo repurposes these tyres by hand-making traditional sandals so eye-catching, that they would not be out of place at SA Fashion week!

Scelo's Needs, Can you assist?

Scelo requires photography of his stock range that can be listed on shopping sites, a laptop to manage his business, marketing and advertising assistance such as an influencer marketing campaign so he can get his work out there. Scelo is also looking to purchase tyre cutting machinery as he is currently working with a knife by hand and would like to scale his business to be able to provide more stock in a shorter time. Scelo also refurbishes traditional old shoes and would like to get this message out there so he can start bagging these donations and breathing new life into old. 

If you have ideas and want to get involved with Mbopha Arts, please drop us a line!