Inspired by the role elephants play in the ecosystem, Mandla came up with the idea of a car wash with a difference.

A car wash that uses less than 1 litre of water per car in a water-scarce area. Mandla's business is a lot more than this, it's also a place where youth can come after school and access free internet to do their school work and projects (something they do not have available in the village) - the aim is to target the government departments for contract cleaning of cars, a vibrant, safe space!

It has good financial prospects with a capital overhead of around R100 000, the Elephant Car wash can make over R10 000 per month and reach hundreds of youth each year. Mandla has made good progress in securing a site for his business as well as ready to go business clients from local government offices!

Meet Mandla 

Mandla is a man with a vision! His inspiration comes from a trip to the bush, watching how the elephants shook the tree free of fruit so that not only did they get to eat, but the ground foraging animals enjoyed a meal too. His dream is to own a car wash that doubles as a safe space for children in his community to spend the afternoon doing their homework.

Mandla realises that this dream will require investment and has taken the initiative to open a handyman business in the interim. His plan is to supplement his income whilst working on the funding for all his car wash requirements. He is already offering assistance with electrical appliances, wiring, floor and wall tiling & ceiling boards. He is currently studying bricklaying and will be able to include this in his toolbox by the end of April.

Mandla's Needs, can you assist?

Mandla requires marketing and advertising for his handyman business and his Elephant Car Wash needs are for desks & a wifi connection for the kiddies, as well as all car washing equipment from Waterwise machinery and portable vacuum cleaners, to buckets, cloths & wax.

If you're in this industry and would like to explore opportunities to support Mandla's business with equipment, mentorship or basic business support, please drop us a line.