An incredible long term investment and also an opportunity for businesses and individuals to offset their Carbon Footprint. Macadamias are a great alternative to sugar cane (which has huge impacts on soil quality) Each tree over its life can also offset over 1 tonne of carbon. Scelo's business model revolves around "selling each tree as a carbon offset" and then providing a valuable cash crop for the community over time. This business has the potential to generate almost significant returns and value after 3 years. Scelo has the land, the contacts, the experience, and the support to really make this work. It's a very unique way to also combine carbon offsets with community value for businesses and individuals.

Meet Scelo

Scelo is an experienced wilderness guide, community facilitator and businessman with a passion for helping people reconnect with nature through his tour operation which takes groups into some of South Africa's wildest places. Scelo is also closely involved in the Unearthed Program as a trails guide and community support facilitator. 

If you'd like to find out more about Scelo and his business, please give us a shout or visit his Facebook page to learn more about his travel business!