Bonisiwe is a woman on a mission! One of our newest participants on the Unearthed Community Leaders Programme, as an astute businesswoman, Bonisiwe literally admits to waking up thinking about new designs for her cakes (or better described as creations) - she has a solid business and expanding by the day. We were impressed, but that's only half the story....

Bonisiwe also runs a small local non-profit in the iMfolozi area called "Bringing out the best" - an organisation, funded entirely by profits from her baking business, Siwe's Bakery. The purpose and mission of "Bringing out the best" revolves around taking youth out of their comfort zones to face the reality of what's needed to reach their goals and dreams. Bonisiwe's programmes include sports, spiritual focuses, support with learning programmes at school. She also has also started a small communally owned farm for the youth to work on and earn their own money and grow their own food. 

The whole point is to help our youth to be able to help themselves, using their own skills and developing their talents. In our community, the youth are on the streets, doing nothing, so it's is about me helping my community, it just in my heart help another person.

To help grow her project, Bonisiwe is very keen to work with other organisations, especially around organising visits to businesses where students can learn how various products are produced, see businesses in action and also equipment for their budding farm, fencing, seeds, tools as well as sports equipment, which is always needed in the community. 

One of Bonisiwe's baking creations
One of Bonisiwe's baking creations 

Anyone interested in supporting this amazing you lady's business (her cakes are simply delicious) or supporting her NPO, we would love to hear from you! For more information on how you can directly help grow and support this business, please click here