Our planned Unearthed Conference planned got a bit of a re-shuffle due to the latest Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, so we have taken things online with interviews with our guest speakers and a scheduled Q&A session with our Unearthed Entrepreneurs. We are so chuffed to have a chance to chat with Sakhamuzi (Saka) Mhlongo from Nyoni Village in Zululand. A legend in his own right. 

Saka is a hugely experienced tour operator, specialist bird guide, environmental educator, community facilitator, Sakhamuzi does it all and his love for nature has touched thousands of people in his community and from around the world. Sakhamuzi's passion for teaching young people, education and environmental education is a strong theme in his work and has benefited his business in many ways. 

Find out more about Saka's twenty-year journey to get to where he is today and the work he does.