Please excuse the sound quality ....but the noise is Cicada Beetles and Birds, can't stop nature :) 

Meet Marumo Nene, founder of Seme Hills, a lodge and wedding venue business she is developing alongside the iMfolozi Game Reserve. 

Seme Hills is the dream project of Marumo Nene who has always wanted to own her own lodge one day. Marumo's tourism project is built around a property she owns which adjoins the iMfolozi Game Reserve. Marumo intends to develop this area as a small wedding, entertainment, and events venue, which can be scaled up over time into a conference venue and lodge.

As a first step Marumo requires some support from a draughtsman or architect who can assist with a layout and concept plan for the site which would enable Marumo to start the next stages of planning and access the capital investment she would need to make this dream a reality. 

Marumo has a solid business concept that will leverage a fast-growing demand for local wedding venues and significant outside tourism interests. Marumo comes from a strong social and environmental activist background and spends her days working with international volunteers from across the world on supporting endangered wildlife monitoring programs. Marumo has years of tourism industry experience, trained in public relations, and a qualified guide. Marumo has the acumen, vision, and drive to make this happen. If you're interested in supporting Marumo's work and project in any way, please drop us a line.